• Learning design & development
    Red Pen eLearning
    Providing bespoke e-learning experiences for the built environment
    placing the learner at the centre of engaging, individualised learning environments.
  • Industry Leading
    Content Creation
    Creating digital media to the latest standards and highest expectations.
    Red Pen works with clients to blend interactive media into the best instructional content.
  • Expert, experienced and professional
    Knowledge Services
    Industry-focused advice on the most effective learning strategies.
    Enhanced business performance by providing measurable improvements in training and development.
  • Cutting edge technology
    Immersive Learning
    3D simulations providing realistic training in safe environment.
    Immersive worlds going beyond “point and click” to provide the best experiential learning.
Featured projects

Red Pen has undertaken a range of projects for clients in different sectors with diverse training needs. Here is a small sample of recent work mainly focused on the built environment. For a more complete portfolio see the ‘Our Work’ section.

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Modern learning design
& technology

Latest responsive design techniques used to provide seamless multi-device learning without compromising on user experience.

About us

Dublin City Location

Based in the centre of Dublin City close to all major transport hubs we are always easy to find. The coffee is always hot making it a great place to visit.

Global Service

Headquartered in Dublin, a major European IT hub, Red Pen is a global provider of elearning and knowledge management services.

Dedicated Support

Red Pen offers integrated client support with all products via our dedicated help-desk system guaranteeing all issues address within 24 hours.

Responsive Designs

Our LMS as well as interactive and embedded content are responsively designed with breakpoints for desktop, tablet and mobile to facilitate touch devices and mobile learning.

Expert Consultancy

We provide end-to-end advice and mentoring to ensure you put in place the most effective elearning programmes delivered on the most appropriate LMS solution for your organisation.

Company history

Red Pen is an exciting new company designing specialised technology-enhanced and online training programmes. Our senior management are greatly experienced in delivering to industry.


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Mission statement

Red Pen's mission is to deliver best-in-class training and learning programmes which enhance business performance by providing measurable improvements in the skills, development and training of your personnel. We create e-learning programmes based on accredited content certified by industry which harness modern technology, responsive design, interactive digital media and appropriate learning theory to allow our clients to leverage internal talent to meet key objectives.

Based on an understanding of diverse learning styles and user experience expectations, Red Pen develops bespoke e-learning experiences which place the learner at the centre of engaging, individualised learning environments where they can build knowledge and apply it in real world contexts.

We are developing immersive e-learning solutions and specialised technical training programmes traditionally delivered by contact tuition. These solutions include adopting engaging gaming and 3D technology to build interactive, immersive and multi-device e-learning solutions. Red Pen solutions are designed to be delivered on the widest range of user devices, in a diverse range of home or workplace locations in a flexible manner to facilitate learning at any time or place.

Office environment

I hear and I forget. I see and I remember. I do and I understand.

-- Anon Proverb

We provide a wide rage of learning design and development services.
Red Pen offer learning designs which can be delivered to incorporate an optimal blend of the following features.


What they say about us

We had identified a problem with the content and lack of assurance of the NCHD induction programme… The high level of uptake by the NCHDs and their assessment of the effectiveness of this programme, has assured the hospital, that NCHDs have been provided with key information in a verifiable manner.

John Mc Elhinney Risk Manager, Sligo Regional Hospital   

Trainers here at SRH felt that our new NCHDs were better prepared and more informed on hospital policies and procedures than ever before… Overall, I would fully endorse the introduction of e-learning for medical induction and training. We are piloting further modules and hope to continue to move more of our mandatory training to this model.

Martha Saba Medical Manpower Manager, Sligo General Hospital   

Some fun facts

Hours of work
Satisfied clients
Projects delivered
Awards won
Our team

Red Pen have a dedicated team of specialists experienced in elearning implementation including strategy development, instructional design, digital content development, User Experience (UX) design, web design, mobile development and Learning Management Systems (LMS).
We are always on the lookout for talented people with the ability to think creatively about how we can use digital technology to create new ways of learning. If you are interested in joining us, please use the contact form below or submit your CV to: info@redpen-elearning.com

Managing director

As MD of Portobello Institute for 20 years Rebekah built up strong relationships with key corporate clients and is recognised as a leading influencer within the Facilities Management sector.

Senior Manager

As an Educational Multimedia specialist with Queen's University Belfast, Paddy has been to the forefront of developing innovative pedagogical approaches and technology to facilitate learning for 15 years.

Our skills

UX/UI Design
Instructional design
Digital media production
Video production
Web development
3d development

Fully responsive LMS & Content

Red Pen responsive designs allow for a consistent user experience across multiple devices
allowing the user to pick-up and continue training when it's most convenient.

Our work

Red Pen has undertaken a range of projects for clients in different sectors with diverse training needs. These have varied from reducing risk in hospitals by introducing transparency in training records to increasing and standardising staff qualifications for crowd safety in Ireland’s largest stadium. We are particularly focused on providing solutions for the built environment and have recently undertaken a number of projects on waste, water and energy management in relation to facilities management.

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